Rebranding and changes and things My domain is, at the time of writing, I’d like to stop going by mitch at the very least, so this will change. Currently is just a redirect back to, but I’d like to make it the reverse. Keeping and unaffected are my highest priority - I’ve already moved jellyfin over to its own machine to avoid this computer’s being a single point of failure.

EAT terminal is great

(this article was requested by Port19x) Emulate A Terminal is a very cool package I came across late last year (2022). It’s a terminal emulator built entirely in Emacs Lisp, and unlike the built-in ansi-term it’s usably fast. how tho? As author Akib has explained in a few places, EAT gets its speed from caching successive redraws. Emacs was initially optimized to run inside a terminal by only modifying its own display where necessary.

Pixel 6 one year review

A year ago I bought a Google Pixel 6. It’s a good phone but I’ve just switched back to my old(er) Poco M3 and wanted to get some thoughts out there. Why I bought the Pixel In a word: speed​. My work at the time involved making urgent calls and text messages to my oft-absent boss, and I couldn’t handle the lag from task switching on my budget Chinese phone. I’m not sure why I settled on the Pixel - mostly just didn’t want to deal with the BS of unlocking and rooting and rom hopping.

the Emacs Application Framework

The Emacs Application Framework is an extension for Emacs that (supposedly) integrates the capability for full embedded GUI programming, and comes with several apps that serve as proof-of-concept as well as being practically usable. Stuff like: Web browser Video player PDF viewer 2048 game etc, etc This is a Cool Idea. too bad it’s shit! Conceptual yellow flags EAF is built in Python, JS, and Elisp. That’s 3 languages, all of which have notorious idiosyncrasies.

Buying a laptop

I own several laptops. Definitely too many. These are my thoughts on ‘buying a laptop’ and what to look for. Preamble: I’ve said this before 2 years ago I wrote this reddit comment: And I still stand by it. In response, some rando gaymer commented Do your research, don’t let NVIDIA driver grifters keep you from at least trying to get a good graphics card, and certainly don’t let people tell you that the only laptop that supports Linux is the old ThinkPad.

My experience with meow over one week

Waht? Meow is a modal editing package for Emacs. It’s founded on the principles of simplicity and minimalism, and has recently been heralded as a replacement for Evil. The editing grammar is “backwards” from vim’s verb-(preposition-)-object style, with an implicit region upon which all key commands operate. It also tries to simplify a couple other things, which it mostly succeeds at. Why? Because I was kind of bored. Or rather, I had hit a wall with Evil.

Custom caution-tape lock screen

I made a script to lock the screen. Here it is: Unfortunately this is not finished and is in fact broken.

I have a favicon now

I finally got a favicon for my website. I’ve had one before, but it was never any good. Neither is this one but at least it fits the rest of my branding. </favicon.ico> Here’s how I made it: magick ~/.local/share/backgrounds/shockwave.jpg \ -crop 400x400+467+0 +repage \ -alpha on \ \( +clone \ -threshold -1\ -negate \ -fill white \ -draw "circle 200,200,200,0" \) \ -compose copy_opacity \ -composite ./favicon.png mv favicon.png $HUGO_DIR/static/favicon.

The keikaku to nightcore all the Haruhi songs

That title is word salad… What am I talking about? BugsWriter on youtube has a video showing the usage of grep -Eo to extract youtube links from HTML. That’s pretty cool and I wanted to have a page on here that’s just a list of all the songs I listen to on youtube - this could be a more robust solution than Jellyfin (which I’m currently using for both anime and music).

1337 fake Screensaver

It’s 2022. Screens don’t really need saving anymore - in fact, when there’s talk of a “screensaver”, it’s usually a lock-screen and/or just some animation that would be cool if “screensavers” were still a thing. What I’m about to present is no different. The vision One Vision one flesh, one bone, one true religion one voice, one hope, one real decision gimme gimme gimme gimme ...fried chicken I want each of my monitors to display a fullscreen Matrix-like text crawl, and then when I quit one of them it quits all of them.