I have a favicon now

I finally got a favicon for my website. I’ve had one before, but it was never any good. Neither is this one but at least it fits the rest of my branding.


Here’s how I made it:

magick ~/.local/share/backgrounds/shockwave.jpg \
  -crop 400x400+467+0 +repage \
  -alpha on \
  \( +clone \
  -threshold -1\
  -negate \
  -fill white \
  -draw "circle 200,200,200,0" \) \
  -compose copy_opacity \
  -composite ./favicon.png
mv favicon.png $HUGO_DIR/static/favicon.ico

Yes, that’s correct: copy favicon.ico to hugo’s /static dir and it will just work.

Do note that my favicon is 400 pixels which is a little on the large side. Sorry not sorry.