The keikaku to nightcore all the Haruhi songs

That title is word salad…

What am I talking about?

BugsWriter on youtube has a video showing the usage of grep -Eo to extract youtube links from HTML. That’s pretty cool and I wanted to have a page on here that’s just a list of all the songs I listen to on youtube - this could be a more robust solution than Jellyfin (which I’m currently using for both anime and music).

System Crafter Man has a stream where he ties Emacs Lisp into the YouTube API for publishing automagically / via simple minibuffer prompts. Admittedly I didn’t pay the best attention to that stream, but it’s at the very least doable.

jan Misali spends the better part of an hour (more than an hour? gotta double check later) where he details the history of the meme song Carmelldansen. All this happened way before my time. I don’t even like the song and I don’t want it stuck in my head. But the concept of nightcore is very interesting - there’s a certain self-awarely-cringe mania to it all that I can’t help but love. Basically you take a song with a female singer and speed it up by 19.34ish percent. That’s about a major third, and also the perfect amount to turn a slowish song into a fastish, and an alto into a soprano.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an anime that aired out of order in 2007 to massive hype. It aired again in 2009 with another season, but that season consisted mostly of the best troll of any show ever, and the fandom’s puny brains could not grasp its magnificence so after a movie the show was canceled. But before that happened, it was apparently yuge. Bigger than the biggest thing ever. Like really big. So big that all of the characters' VAs are talented pop singers. Multiple albums of music were released of music made for the show where they sing in character‚Äč. The ending “Hare Hare Yukai” has an official version by every character in the main cast, and several side characters and even background NPCs. I’ve been listening to anime openings for fun lately and the Haruhi albums have decimated my feed ever since I encountered them. I need to put them somewhere and not let them go.

What am I going to do?

I’m going to make a page with all of the Haruhi songs' youtube links, feed that into an ffmpeg pipeline that nightcores them, and automatically upload them to YouTube.