Rebranding and changes and things

My domain is, at the time of writing, I’d like to stop going by mitch at the very least, so this will change. Currently is just a redirect back to, but I’d like to make it the reverse.

Keeping and unaffected are my highest priority - I’ve already moved jellyfin over to its own machine to avoid this computer’s being a single point of failure. is down since a week ago - I attempted to move it onto another physical host, with little success. I was barely using it and no one else was either - I still wish it worked tho. It’s on the long list.

Depending on the hardware situation, I may also make an Invidious instance.

site generation - hugo vs org-export vs something else?

Hugo is okay at many things, but I keep running into operations and extensions that are just a pain to make it work with - if they even ever will. Comments, for instance. I just about had disqus working when Port19-san recommended giscus. Well, I’m sorry to say that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve tried most of the obvious-ish config formatting fixes, but I feel like I’m swimming thru LEGOs.

There are several+1 org exporters out there in pure elisp. I might switch to one of those, or write my own. I do like ox-hugo’s single-file approach, but the surrounding tooling is just too much.

If you have a suggestion, or experience with such things, please shoot me a toot at