Stupid poems I wrote one time and still have for some reason


Don’t you hate it

Does it not make you cry

When you’re screamin'

Barely stop to wonder why

And I

Another lonely fool

It makes my brain ache,

To know, and wish to take

That last unstaged duel

To try

Behold, be told

My strength is whole

My ears are not joined by a hole

It’s one

Only one

One thing I need to know I’ve done

Forget all else, that battle’s won

And naught to show, but the constant sun

Who are these who walks beside me

How is it they show no face

Why do they withold their voices

Heaven’s far in such a place

Oh shadow, true mirror, on the wall

Why do you catch me when I fall

A lazy wretch stumbling through

Unable to live up to you

Yet I surpass your greedy ass

I’m coming up so very fast

I’ve done so much, am I your son

your story ends, mine’s almost done

Somebody tell me

Will I get a girlfriend

Do I have potential

What even happened in February of last year

What else but a rumor could ruin my moonlight

oh stay on the sunny side,
Always on the sunny side,
You'll feel no pain
as we drive you insane

Oh yeah I will, my pain never ends

I don’t even want to make amends

Try try try and falling faster

Nothing to do to prevent non-disaster

Come at me Love

I’ll wait

No matter the time

I’ll wait

I got nothing to do

But wait

I won’t come to you, I’ll

just wait

This video is sponsored

Bought and paid for

My message must be true

It’s what you stayed for

Don’t leave me now

don’t bring me down

We agreed

We would do it, you and me

For us, for her

not another word

I told you I told you

but I never heard

It was all for the best, she would leave you for me

I hope you get caught in a tree

I need to know, are you even there

at least I can see you sort of care

Mary, Mary, how you faring?

Worse and worse and actively failing

Mary, Mary, who has done this?

My own repulsive dishonest conscience

Mary, Mary, what has he told you?

At least he was there
For me when I cared
I need him to laugh
Till the day that I die

Mary, Mary, haven’t you noticed?

you tell me things, but I must own this

Mary, Mary, he’s bringing you down

Truly, he is, and for him I would drown

Mary, Mary, but what of your life

It's like you said
It's all in my head
And let nothing keep me from my only friend

Henry, Henry, honor our pact!

I tried, oh I tried, till the Fire Nation attacked

Henry, Henry, that’s not how this works

You're the one who wishes babies came from storks

A witness, a witness! Please give us your take!

From what I have seen
The both of them fake

Oh money, oh power, please give me the strength to outlast this mad hour

If only the me then had known what I’ve known

The all of our party would share in this throne

But now I am dying and failing and crying

And my stomach grows out, and my cheeks droop all bulging